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Additional Information - Quicklinks
Entry Fee

YOUR ENTRY FEE OF R1700 PER TEAM OF TWO RIDERS: Will get you 5 meals, free camping and amenities (bring you own tent or caravan & picnic basket), tours of the base as well as wildlife conservancy, military exebition, Medical Support, Technical support, bike wash facilities and a bar for that essential carbo loading and recovery drink ...or two! and of course a bloody good time !!

Each day's stage will be a race on it's own as well for Individual Riders
Stage 1-Friday 23rd April: 30km Night Race - R80
Stage 2-Saturday 24th April: 75km Marathon - R100
Stage 3-Sunday 25th April: 35km TT & K.O.M - R80
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3 stages 140kms-Substantial Prices for Men, Ladies and Mixed teams, licensed and unlicensed riders. Beautiful military themed functional trophies to be won
Stage 1-Friday 23rd April: 30km Night Race = Fun & Games
Stage 2-Saturday 24th April: 75km Marathon = Fun & Endurance
Stage 3-Sunday 25th April: 35km TT & K.O.M = Fun & Vasbyt

Each day's stage will be a race on its own as well for beginners So in essence it mean if there is a cyclist,/ Mountain biker who wants to do the race and feel that he/she is not fit or skilled enough or have difficulty to find a team mate you can enter for only 1 stage as well, so he or she has to choose 1 of the 3 days to race

How ever the camping is strictly for team riders that do the full stage race, which means that That individual comes through for the day or find alternative accommodation in the near by towns Kuruman Olifantshoek Katu or Postmasburg
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Start Time
Friday 23rd & 19:00
Saturday 24th & 07:00
Sunday 25th & 07:00
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Lohatla is probably the best venue for MTB,ing in the Northern Cape with endless flat road jeep tracks, Climbs and single track set in the beautiful green Kalahari
The support, logistically, geographically and in manpower will make it the most affordable stage race in South Africa
Safe route conditions
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Registration at the venue Friday 23rd @ 10:00
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Prizes And Trophies
Military unique trophies - 101 Fd Workshop
Cash Prizes
Trophies are as follow
Overall winners (Ladies,Mixed and Men teams)
King Of the Mountain (Ladies,Mixed and Men teams)
2nd and 3rd overall (Ladies,Mixed and Men teams)
Overall per stage (Ladies,Mixed and Men teams)
Lucky draws per day
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Water Points
Various sport codes at the Lohatla Military Sport Club to man water points
Water points consist of a Military IFV, water stand with ice and water (Bulk for hydration pack and water sachets), medical ambulance and company sponsor banners
Total water points per day are as follow
Day 1: None
Day 2: Four
Day 3: One
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Menu per day: 5 x Meals per cyclist for the 3 day duration
Spit Braai
Additional food stands
Boerewors rolls
Soda Drinks (Lohatla Military Badminton Club)
Beer (Lohatla Military Cycling Club)
Water stand confirmed (Desert Dew Water)
Chip & Dip stand confirmed
Fruit juices
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Medical Support
Medical teams
Para Medic SA
* Command and Control Centre (Vehicle)
* 1 x Ambulance
* 2 x Para Medics
* Timing facility
*GPS per team for in time satellite tracking, communication and medical assistance
* 1 x Ambulance
* 2 x Para Medics
* 6 X Mfezi Ambulance Vehicles
* 1 x Medical Doctor
* 6 x Op Medics
* Medical personnel on standby at Sickbay
* Note: 1 x Para Medic (Civilian cyclist) and 1 x Op Medic( Military cyclist) per Mfezi Ambulance
Method of Casevac
Day 1: Place of Injury - Lapa in Game range - stabilize - Lohatla Sickbay - medical institution
Day 2: Place of Injury - 65 - stabilize - Lohatla Sickbay - medical institution
Day 3: Place of Injury - stabilize - Lohatla Sickbay - medical institution
Medical Posts
Day 1: Lapa at Game Range, Grid Block 0991 and 0794
Day 2: 65, Doornfontein, Grid Blocks 2798, and 2592
Day 3: Gryskop x 2 and Grid Block 1305
Medical facilities
Final stabilize at Lohatla Sickbay
Civilians Casevac to Medi Clinic at Kathu
Military Casevac to Kimberley and Bloemfontein
Foreseen the following injuries and fractures that could occur
Clavicula (sleutelbeen)
Raduis and or ulna (arm)
Femur (leg)
Cervucar spine: Worst case scenario (neck injuries)
Cuts and bruises
No media coverage on injured cyclist
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General Information
. This is a unique MTB Team experience that us normal civilians will only have the pleasure of utilizing once a year
. So don your camouflage, pack your ration packs and ready your weapon of choice and join us for an unforgettable MTB adventure
. Time keeping done by ParamedicSA - GPS driven
. Activities - Kiddies fun rides during Saturday, Game drive in Game Conservancy, Military and other exhibitions
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Freek Conradie - Cell: 084 581 1813 e-mail: freek@odicc.co.za
Abi Wiid - Cell: 082 852 5441 e-mail: aabiewiid@webmail.co.za
Adrian Cloete - Cell: 082 213 2120 e-mail: a3ancloete@gmail.com
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Combat Training Centre

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Prizes and Trophies

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