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Entry Fee

Entry Fee R228

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1) Receive Your Triple Challenge Permanent Number After Completing 3 Successful Irene Triple Challenge
2) The Rules Of Each Different Race Apply
3) All Races Need To Be Completed I Order To Qualify

The Following Distance Only
A) 8 Feb 10km Spar Lantern Night Race
B) 7 Jul 15km Clover Milk Run
C) 10 Nov 21.1km Liquifruit Race 


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T-shirts will be handed out to those participants who complete all 3 races as follows;

1. Spar 10km 
2. Clover 15km
3. Liquifruit 21.1km 

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Tel (012) 654 0005

E-mail: info@irenerunner.co.za

Wynand: 082 937 0733
Chris: 082 785 8792
Frances: 084 653 1107


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