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Distance & Entry Fee

10km - R46
10km - Grandmasters 60yrs+ - R16
10km - Great Grandmasters 70yrs+ - FREE
Temporarary License - R21

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Start Time

Runners - 08:00am
Walkers - 08:05am

Seeded Start For Sub 34 Minute Athletes Enter At Seeded Table

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Old Parktonian Sports Club 1 Garden Road, Bordeaux

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General Information

1. Athletes indemnify the national, provincial bodies, sponsors & organisers against any action arising from their participation in the race
2. Athletes must ensure they are medically fit to participate
3. No blades, cyclists or mechanically operated devices allowed in the race
4. Cut off time of 2 hours
5. Massive prize list & incentive prizes
6. Walkers separate start time and finish
7. Certified Course
8. Sub 34 min seeded pen for men
9. Separate start for ladies and vets
10. Separate finishfor ladies and walkers 

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1. The race is run under the rules of ASA, CGA
2. All runners participate at their own risk
3. Registered athletes must be members of a club affiliated to ASA & wear official club colours
4. 2012 licences to be worn front & back with club colours
5. Sponsors Race Numbers to be worn on Front of vest
6. Athletes details to be completed fully on TEAR OFF SLIP of race number  to be eligible for prizes
7. Temporary licenced athletes to wear plain clothing & the issued temporary licence number on back of vest. Race number on front. 
8. Seeded runners to wear special race numbers supplies on the day
9. Minimum age is 15years
10. Age category ID Tags must be worn front & back. (Juniors to wear "J"). Temporary licenced athletes are eligible for age group prizes if relevant tag is worn
11. Proof of age must be provided on race day if requested
13. Due to the terrain, no wheelchairs can be permitted
14. No seconding necessary on course - 2 drink tables on route
15. International athletes to provide clearance letter to referee in the event of winning a prize
16. Only South African Athletes qualify for team prizes according to domicile
17. Traffic officers and officials instructions must be obeyed

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