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Additional Information - Quicklinks
Distance & Entry Fee


50km Runner / Walkers - R171. (Only licensed club runners) (Pre-entries Only)
21km Run / Walk - R91.20
10km Run / Walk - R68.40
Note: Late Entry Fee Additional R20 after 28th Aug 2013

Temporary License Available
21km - R31
10km - R18

LATE ENTRIES: (21.1 & 10km Only)
7th September 2013 Only Between 10:00 - 13:00 at the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito (also the start)
8th September 2013 the morning of the race, from 04:30
Note: Late Entry Fee Additional R20 after 28th Aug 2013

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Start Time

50km, 21.1km and 10km at 06h00
5km at 11.00 from the Aston International College

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Start: Lifestyle Centre Ballito
Finish: Ashton College Ballito

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Confirmation OF Entries

Timingchips for 21.1, 50km and 10km will be available for collection on Saturday 7th September  between 10.00 and 13:00 and on the morning of the race from 04:30, location entrance to Super Spar

Confirmation of entries will be send by sms.

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50km Entries

No entries for the 50km event will be accepted after 16:00 on 28th August 2013
It is strongly suggested that entrants pre-enter

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Comrades And Two Oceans Qualifier

A sub 6 hour 50km Walk / Run will qualify you to enter Comrades Marathon
A sub 6 hour 30 minutes Walk / Run will qualify you to run Two Oceans

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Cut Off Times

50km - 9 Hours
21km - 4 Hours

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The race starts in the coastal town of Ballito among the rolling sugar cane fields of the Dolphin Coast (Ballito off the N2). The course is challenging but the scenery is breathtaking

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Facilities Available

Tea, coffee and biscuits @ Finish for 50km Runners & Walkers Only
11 refreshment tables along the route with Coke and water
Bananas and biscuits on 50km route
Toilets at start and finish as well as on the route
Tog bag facilities
Entertainment, food and refreshments at the finish
Club tents may be erected at the Finish

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General Information

. All events start at the premier shopping destination of the Dolphin coast, the Lifestyle Centre at the entrance to Ballito
. Parking available near the finish which is 500 metres from the start
. The finish venue at Ashton College is 500 metres from the start
. The route is closed to seconding and your co-operation will be appreciated as there are refreshment tables every 3km
. Athletes who have completed six 50km walks will be awarded permanent numbers
. Online entries close 28th August @ 24:00, there after late entry fee an additional R20 applies 

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The organisers support the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund,a registered charity which raises funds to help with the care and education of destitute youngsters

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1. There will be a 3 hour cut-off for the 50km event at the 15km mark
2. Club licence numbers to be worn on back and front of vest
3. All 50km walkers / runners must be licensed and a member of a club
4. Club colours must be worn
5. Age category and walker tags must be worn on the front and the back of the vest
6. Minimum age: 50km - 20yrs on the day of the race
. 21km & 10km - 16yrs on the day of the race
7. Temporary licences are available for the 21km - R31 and 10km - R18
8. The organisers and their sponsors will not be responsible for any illness or injury incurred during, or as a result of the race, or for any property lost or damaged whatsoever
9. The race will be run according to IAAF, ASA, KZNA rules
10. No personal seconding will be allowed
11. This race is subject to foreign IAAF rule 4.2 and 142

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From Durban take the N2 North. Take the Ballito off-ramp. Turn rigth into Ballito. Turn right at the traffic circle into the Lifestyle Centre

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Sangweni Tourism Centre:  032 946 1997 /  032 946 1997   

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Harry Botha:  082 450 6418
Gary Henwood-Fox: 076 349 9510
Scot Duncan: 082 309 1844

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Men and Ladies

                                                             1ST                         2nd                         3rd


50 km run                                            R1000                    R500                     R250

50 km walk                                          R1000                    R500                      R250

No Age Category Prizes



21.1 km run                                        R750                     R500                     R250

21.1 km walk                                      R500                      R300                     R250

Age Category Prizes For Runners Only



10 km run                                           R400                      R300                      R250

10 km walk                                         R400                      R300                      R250

No Age Category Prizes


5km Fun Run                                  Spot prizes



Age category                                35-39                     40-49                     50-59                     60+

1st placed athlete Only

21.1km Runners Only                 R200                      R200                      R200                     R200

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Prize Giving

10km @ 9.00
21km @ 10.00
5 And 50km @ 13.00

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