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Crater Cruise Success - Opinions

Author:  MDAZ  (19 Oct 2004)
Official stamp of approval
Please pass on my congratulations to all involved for a wonderful event.  I know there are always people working in the background that never get mentioned so please ensure they are thanked, it made my job so much easier that everything was done when it was needed and it was done well. 
Jenny Wittstock, event commissaire (SAMTB)

Thank you Jenny for your assistance, hard work and support at the event. (A complete report was filed on the event by Jenny - we appreciate all the compliments and the positive criticism coming from this well balanced report.)
Thank you for the complimentary entry to your event on Saturday. I only rode the short distance but really enjoyed it.
Feedback so far has been positive from what I can see.

Well Done especially for a first time, I am sure the support will grow from strength to strength over the years.

Thanks once again and congratulations on a job well done.

Richard Durrant
President Commissaire - SA MTB &
Chairman - Rockhoppers Mountainbike Club

Important opinion
Hi Attie, I'm back in Cape Town after a very enjoyable day.
Well done on a great event!
Kevin Vermaak
Cape Epic

Important roady-opinion & scope for the event
This event was really tough for the front riders. In our inexperience we raced to the maximum, all the way, and paid the price at the end! Broken men we were. The route was enough to tame anybody. These roads deserve more respect than we gave. They sap your strength, until nothing is left. We had fun, and I think that there is scope for this type of race to become very popular in this country.

Well done to Ride Magazine and everybody involved!

Nic White.
(Captain of the HSBC Professional Cycling team)

First Time MTB'ers
Karin and I would like to thank you, your company (Ride) and all the sponsors involved with the event for such a lovely, well organised and entertaining ride. Attie and Hannes, as mentioned to you at the last stop before the Afridome, this was the first MTB event which Karin and I have ever entered and I was very proud of my wife for completing the 95km event. We had a lovely ride and I am sure I can convince Karin to do it again next year now that we are "experienced". We entered as Cresta Wheelers members and were proud to have represented the club with any other fellow members who may have participated.
Bill Dixon (previous Chairman of Cresta Wheelers)

Just a short note of congratulation on an exellent event. There might have been a couple of teething problems, but nothing that can not be fixed.

I must mention the waterpoints (especially Fritz Pienaar's). They all did a good job and there was enough water and Powerade. The Bananas went down well. I must also mention the marshalls! It was fantastic to see so many friendly and visible marshalls, sometimes in the middle of nowhere!!

Thanks again to you and the rest of your team... see you next year !!!

Hennie van Rooyen (

A Challenge
Just a short little message thanking everybody at the race , it was really a lekker one.
Julle sal ons weer volgende jaar daar sien, hoop net dit is 'n bietjie koeler!!!!!!!

Sinkplaat groete
Jannie & Anton

First Time MTBikers
Die wedren was vir my 'n ervaring, en dit is een van die medaljes wat ek eenkant sal bÍre.

Dear Ride

I was one of the privileged who participated in the inaugural Ride Crater Cruise over the weekend. I must compliment you and all the sponsors of this truly amazing and well organised event. Clearly a lot of time and preparation was put into the race to make it the success it was. I see no reason why it should not become the premier MTB event in South Africa. Well done and thank you to everyone who made it such an unforgettable and enjoyable event. 

A Contest
THANK GOODNESS the race was won by a MTB'er!  Can you imagine the chirps if a roadie had won it?  Needless to say I'm glad the roadies did well - they are good ambassadors for our sport.
Thanks again
Mike (

Hi there
Thank you for a well organised race. I really enjoyed myself, the scenery was brilliant. I ordered an XL T-shirt which I didnít receive in my race pack. Would you please forward me one? My race number is m558.
Best wishes, 
Brett Lawer (

Thank you sponsors, partners and supporters
A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Attie, the Koekemoer family, Ride Mag, Anatomic, and ALL the sponsors!! It is marvellous what you guys put together for a FANTASTIC day, and I will be there next year!!!


We'll be back
Ek wil ook net vir julle baie geluk sÍ met 'n baie goeie en lekker wedren - hou so aan. Dra asseblief Future Forward se gelukwensing oor aan almal wat gehelp het om die wedren so 'n sukses te maak!

My gunsteling bergfietsryer het natuurlik gewen!

Ek dink Future Forward wil graag weer die waterpunt by Hakuna Matata hÍ. Ons gaan volgende jaar regtig iets groots maak daarvan, vanjaar was 'n goeie leerkurwe.

Marius van Zyl (
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