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+27 (0)60 506 4914 info@entrytime.com

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Revolution Rebel Run Run, Walk, Hike 2, 5, 10, 15 & 21km - Sunday 27 November 2022

Event info:

Revolution Trails and Rebel Up have come together to bring you an adventure run with a cause. Lace up your shoes and put on your red lipstick and take a stand against abuse, sexual trafficking and gender based violence of our women.

On the 27th November you can join the cause and stand against the oppression, trafficking and abuse of women.

Simply by participating you will give women a chance to speak up and be heard. If you really would like to show your support, put on your Red Lips and be seen!

Rebel Up is an organisation created by women for women. Empowering women, Rebel Up stands up for a woman’s  rights to being safe and living in freedom. The foundations’ priority is to reduce and significantly contribute to the end of trafficking and abuse of women globally. Right now all we need is your support - one red step at a time. By participating and recognising that these atrocities happen all the time and everywhere, we can speak up, as silence is an answer we are not willing to give.
By creating a support structure and safe environment we can give back to women, whose voices have been previously muted in their ability to speak up.

The Revolution Rebel Run aims to give the foundation exposure and help the women find their power in using her voice. Coming together and showing support for the female victims may be enough to save a life, one step at a time. Our solidarity can be their solace. Our unity can give them strength.

Join Revolution Trails and Rebel Up on the 27th of November at Tierpoort Adventure Farm (TAF) in Pretoria East and take part in the fun. There will be 2km, 5km, 10km, 15km and 21km so the entire family at any skill level can join.

All participants will receive a Rebel Up sweat band, water bottle and when you finish a Revolution Rebel Up Medal

Be seen with your Rebel Red lipstick and red attire, and help us take a stand against gender based violence, abuse and sexual trafficking.

We can't wait to paint the trails red with you ! 

Here is a look at our website and some videos on who we are:



Distance & Entry Fee:
Pre Entries (Closing 26 Nov 2022):
21km - R145,00
21km Over 60 Yrs - R40,00
15km - R125,00
15km Over 60 Yrs - R40,00
10km - R105,00
10km Over 60 Yrs - R40,00
10km Under 13 Yrs - R40,00
5km - R85,00
5km Over 60 Yrs - R40,00
5km Under 13 Yrs - R40,00
2km - R55,00
2km Over 60 Yrs - R40,00
2km Under 13 Yrs - R40,00
Tierpoort Adventure Farm, Tierboskat Street, Tierpoort, Pretoria East
Start Time:
21km - 06:30
21km Over 60 Yrs - 06:30
15km - 06:30
15km Over 60 Yrs - 06:30
10km - 06:30
10km Over 60 Yrs - 06:30
10km Under 13 Yrs - 06:30
5km - 06:30
5km Over 60 Yrs - 06:30
5km Under 13 Yrs - 06:30
2km - 06:30
2km Over 60 Yrs - 06:30
2km Under 13 Yrs - 06:30

Start Time:
• Group Start Registration: 06h00 - 06h25
• Group Start @ 06h30
• Individual Starts As of 06h35 - 08h00 


AMENITIES AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE: Coffee Vendor  | Craft Beer vendor


  • - Group start registrations opens at 06h00 until 06h25
  • - Group start at 06h30
  • - Individual starts available from 06h30 till 08h00.

ONLINE ENTRY FEE:  2KM (R55) | 5KM (R85) | 10KM (R105) | 15KM (R125) | 21KM (R145)

ON-THE-DAY ENTRY:  An additional amount of R25 will be added

KIDS UNDER 13YRS & ADULTS OVER 60YRS:  Only pay R40 (no additional charge for on-the-day entry)

ENTRY INCLUDES:  Marked Route | Water Tables | Finisher Medal | Venue Entry | Parking

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US AT: revolutiontrails@gmail.com or Glizelle at 083 264 3931

Route Information:
Walking / Hiking is allowed on the 2km, 5km and 10km routes. 
Water tables will be available on all routes
General Information:

Terms And Conditions
• There will be No Refunds due to rain or lightning cancellation.
• No license is necessary to take part in run/walk.
• Cash, Card and Snapscan accepted on the day.
• All ages welcome.

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WhatsApp Group:


083 264 3931
All Participants agree to and hereby bind themselves to the following indemnity:
All the runners and walkers participating in any of the Revolution Trails events will participate at their own risk.
The organizers nor the owners of the venue will be liable for any damage, loss and theft of goods nor any injuries or death
Event Details
Event Date:
27th Nov 2022
Online Entry Start Date:
26th Jan 2022
Online Entry End Date:
26th Nov 2022
Gauteng North
Contact #:
083 264 3931/ revolutiontrails@gmail.com