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Run The Rhenoster Trail Run / Walk 12 & 5km - Sunday 4 June 2023
What Is  Run The Rhenoster?
Once a year, the borders to the Crocodile River Reserve open up for you to take a scenic trail run or walk through the beautiful landscape just 20 minutes from Fourways.
Run the Rhenoster is a one day trail run through the Western side of the Crocodile River Reserve.
Runners are able to discover the beauty of the reserve and the many secrets it hides, from the mystery of pelindaba rock to the first panned gold in the old Transvaal.
The routes snakes through beautiful single trail and quiet district roads and along the tranquil Small Crocodile river. Fantastic views of Koppie Alleen, Rhenosterkop and Vlakfontein.

Feature Points On Route Include ...
Pelindaba Rock | View of Koppie Alleen and Rhenosterkop | The Oori Game Farm | Confluence of Klein Krokodil and Jukskei rivers | the western side of the Crocodile River Reserve
Distance & Entry Fee:
Pre Entries (Closing 01 Jun 2023):
Adults 12km Trail Run - R248,00
Adults 12km Trail Walk - R248,00
Adults 5km Trail Run - R216,00
Adults 5km Trail Walk - R216,00
5km Run Children Under 12 Yrs - R162,00
5km Walk Children Under 12 Yrs - R162,00
Boom Gate Winsome Valley Road, Between Winsome Valley And Jukskeidrift Rd, Centurion Rural, Tshwane
Start Time:
Adults 12km Trail Run - 07:15
Adults 12km Trail Walk - 07:35
Adults 5km Trail Run - 07:30
Adults 5km Trail Walk - 07:35
5km Run Children Under 12 Yrs - 07:30
5km Walk Children Under 12 Yrs - 07:35

From 7:00 onward, and the start will be hosted at the boom gate Winsome Valley Road, Between Winsome Valley and Jukskeidrift Rd, Centurion Rural, Tshwane

Run Times:
It is not a race for everyone, to some, it is about the journey.
Walkers will have an opportunity to chat with local residents about the history and the important part that the reserve plays in preserving biodiversity.
This is a self-timed run.
There will be a mass start for the 12km and 5km run.
The walkers will depart a few minutes after the 5km run.

  • There Will Be No On The Day Sign Ups.


    Number Collection:
    The gates to the venue will open at 06:30 am, you may then head over to the registration gazebo at the venue.
    All runners and walkers will need to sign in to collect their wristband with emergency number, you will not be permitted onto route without the correct wristband.

    The Venue:
    Minimal spectators are allowed at this event because we unfortunately do not have a large start and finish area.
    If you are going to be waiting for your sporty family member, please bring along a folding chair or two. Limited shade available, consider an umbrella/gazebo for the sun.

  • Route Information:
    Route Review:
    Enjoy a lovely run in nature at a steady pace, or as leisurely as you prefer.
    At certain points of interest on route there will be a marshal with a point of interest board, and some interesting facts about the area.
    Please feel free to stop, ask questions and take photos.
    Some sections of the terrain is tough pelindaba rock and hilly.
    Please take it easy out there and keep your eyes open.
    You will share the route with wild animals like zebra, wildebeest, warthog and giraffe - and also snakes :).
    Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    If you do encounter a snake, stop immediately, please let it pass into the veld, and don’t approach/intimidate.
    Count yourself lucky for such a special encounter with nature.
    Phone the emergency number on your wristband immediately if any help is needed.

    There are 2 waterpoints on the 12km route, and 1 on the 5km run/walk route.
    Kindly carry your own water bottle / hydration pack for all routes.
    Please sanitise your hands and refill your water bottle from the water tank.
    We kindly ask that you do not waste water as we need to supply all route participants.
    We strongly advise that you carry 2 x 750ml bottles or a hydration pack with you on the 12km route.

    General Information:
    About The Day:
    We look forward to seeing you out there for a beautiful run or walk on Sunday the 4th of June 2023.
    We have been have had some good rains in the early part of the year, so hopefully you be seeing the reserve at it's best.
  • Please take a brief moment to read through the information below to familiarize yourself with the days activities:-
    Is This Event Timed:
    No. It is not a race, it is a journey, and as such it is a self timed run.
    Why Are Numbers limited:
    Our numbers are limited because of the delicate nature of the biosystems within the reserve.
    Hordes of cars and people could adversly affect these, add to this, you can have the bragging rights of making a direct contribution to conservation, and getting access through this very special area (private property at all other times).
    Who Can Run:
    Adults only on the 12km run, but the 5km run and walk is open to all ages, (under 12 must be accompanied by an adult), eager adventure enthusiasts, families and friends.
    Is There Secure Parking:
    Yes, there is guarded parking within the reserve fencing, simply follow the directions when you arrive.
    Is The Route Hilly Or Technical:
    The routes are a mix of jeep track and animal tracks and trails.
    There are a few bits out there that should be approached with caution, but just to slow you down enough to take in more of the views and surrounds.
    Water Points:
    Water points are limited due to the difficulty of transporting 500 litres of water in such rough terrain, so we highly recommend that riders on the 40km trail take their own water and snacks.
  • Enquiries:
    +27 83 779 4143
    Event Details
    Event Date:
    04th Jun 2023
    Online Entry Start Date:
    19th May 2023
    Online Entry End Date:
    01st Jun 2023
    Contact #:
    +27 83 779 4143 / events@crocodileriverreserve.co.za