Online Listing of Events
Entrytime offers race organisers online entry listings for their events. All you need to do is contact our offices:011 844-0416/9  or email

Online Entries
Entrytime offers the latest solution to online event entry. Join our team and expose your event to our ever-expanding network of integrated services. Entrytime offers the most efficient, reliable and cost effective technology simplifying the entry process for entrants and the administration and the costs associated for organisers.

Why Online registration?

  1. More exposure for your event through a wide-ranging yet targeted audience, our sophisticated database management helps your to target your correct audience.
  2. Convenient and popular with athletes.
  3. Reduces athletes’ frustration in finding, filling in and posting registration forms and cheques.
  4. Lowered costs for event organiser through decreased printing and distribution of paper-based entry forms, as well as reduced administrative burden.

What can Entrytime’s advanced technology offer you?

  1. Payment through credit card, EFT, Secure Instant Deposit (SID) and eBucks.
  2. Multiple entries with only one payment i.e. families and teams.
  3. One complete database for timekeepers.
  4. Late closing date of online registrations.

How will your event grow with Entrytime.

  1. Promotion through the most comprehensive health and wellness portal in South Africa
  2. Events featured on home page of and on various social media platforms. Entrants can link to the Entrytime Enteronline social media platforms and this will be added events and communication will be added to their calenders.
  3. Added value to entrants through shopping, information, experts and integrated marketing with  and its partners.
  4. Events are easy to find through our multi-faceted search facility. Search by:
    1. Event name
    2. Sport type
    3. Geographical Region
    4. Date
  5. Newsletters are sent on a weekly basis with event calendar updates and reminders.
  6. Full Email, SMS and Call Centre Support.
  7. Results
  8. Additional marketing opportunities on-line for sponsors.

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