Entrytime Enteronline Help Desk & FAQ’s

I didn’t receive an email confirmation of my entry or payment?

  1. Make sure that the e-mail address that you fill in on your profile is correct and valid. Always put the full email address e.g. member@youremail.co.za
  2. Check your JUNK MAIL or SPAM folder – security settings sometimes mark your confirmation as Junk or Spam.
  3. You can also check your entry by logging into your Profile and clicking on MY PROFILE –> ENTRY CHECK

Is it safe to enter my credit card details on Entrytime?
Yes, your payment and details is secure. All online transactions through www.entrytime.com are secured via My Gate’s 128 bit, encrypted, payment gateway it will require an OTP (One Time Pin) which will be sent to your cell phone for payment confirmation. We do not keep any of your credit card information. Entrytime also has a Thawte SSL Security Certificate installed ensuring the ultimate in security. For more information on how we treat information please visit our Privacy Policy.

How do I enter an event on Entrytime?

  1. Login your Entrytime profile:
    1. Login with your username and password if you are an existing member or use the “Express Login” feature to login with only your ID Number.
    2. Not a member yet? Simply fill out the online details form and register.
    3. If you wish to enter an event quickly and you can use the express log in or log in with your Facebook account. The system will then automatically create a profile for you with your basic details. An email will be sent to you with a link in order for you to change or update these details.
  2. Search & select the event you would like to enter
  3. You can also search for events by:
    1. Event name
    2. Sport type
    3. Geographical Region
    4. Date
  4. Select the ‘enter now’ button of your chosen event.
  5. There are various options to enter:
    1. Enter as an Individual
    2. Enter another person
    3. Enter another event
    4. Enter a Team (You will have the option to enter all the team members and make one payment or to enter team members and request that each team member makes payment. An email will then be sent to each team member to make payment. Once all team members have paid you may close the team). Please note this feature only available for events that allow for team entries.
  6. Now select the event item you would like to participate in and click ‘next’.
  7. Fill in the race-specific details on the entry form page e.g. team name, captain’s name etc. click ‘next’.
  8. You will then need to accept the waiver, check the “I accept the Waiver” box and then click ‘next’.
  9. The next page is your confirmation of details page, check that all your information is correct and then click ‘next’. NB: if your details are not correct use the back buttons on the web pages, NOT your web browser back button.
  10. The Race Basket is the next page to display, this gives you the option to now enter others by clicking ‘enter another person’ or entering another event on Entrytime.
  11. Once you have completed your entry, click on ‘checkout’, this will take you to the payment method
    1. Credit Card: fill out your credit card details and click ok.
    2. EFT: click ‘process order’, and remember to deposit the money into the bank account specified to validate your entry and using your order ID as the reference.
    3. eBucks: click on the eBucks option.
    4. SID (Secure Instant Deposit): You will be directed to select your own bank and log into your internet banking profile. This will be processed immediately and validate your entry. You will close your banking profile when completed and be returned to Entrytime’s secure page.
  12. If your registration and payment are successful, a summary receipt will appear, click on ‘view printable receipt’ to print your receipt. An email confirmation with also be sent to the email address listed on your profile with the confirmation.

Should I create a username and password?
If you are a regular user of entrytime.com it is advised that you create a username and password to create a profile making it easier to enter future events and to monitor events entered. If you wish to enter an event quickly and not create a profile you can use the express log in or log in with your Facebook account.

How do I update my personal details?
Click on the ‘My Profile’ link at the top of the page. Then login using your username and password. Your personal details will now show. Update any information you need to, then click ‘next’.

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